Finlit robotics program

The Financial Literacy Education Program is a pathfinder in the education. Our organization is not just a teaching but a learning organization as well, meaning we constantly learn how to be successful in teaching, which is further attained through research and development.

Nowadays robotics rapidly gains ground in education, therefore our Financial Literacy Education program wants to participate in the revolution of education.
By integration of robotics we make the trainings more exciting and entertaining. We promote the development of competencies that can be achieved primarily by using digital devices. Our organization also develops special modules which are based on this new technology. These special trainings do not only teach financial literacy but logical thinking, critical thinking and also working in groups. The children by participating in group work learn the importance of communication and cooperation.


FinLit Edu Programs

Content of our FinLit Edu programs

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Mobile Training

FinLit Edu program go to school!

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FinLit content for English language teaching

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Using robotics for FinLit Education

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Financial Minutes

Short clips: learn financial literacy in a minute!

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Career program

Development of 21st century competences and self-awareness, preparation for adult life

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EU Trainings

Raising awareness about the EU

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