Financial Literacy Educaton Centre
( OK Centre )

Our education centre was designed in a way to reflect the essence of our teaching philosophy: breaking away with conventional frontal teaching, students can allocate their own space, while the rooms themselves represent various aspects of the financial world. They are also equipped with interactive tools, to make the learning experience more immersive.

In order to create an immersive learnings experience, it is also important that our trainers possess the necessary skills to bring this about, and thus they themselves have to participate in rigorous training sessions, through which they acquire the necessary skills to become proficient at what they do.

The centre further acts as a base of operation, as the wide range of activities necessary for the running of the Programme are organised here as well. These include keeping contact with schools and organising trainings for the students, as well as various indoor events. The latter is not strictly for students, for instance the Pedagogy Club is made available for teachers who wishes to further hon their skills in their respective field of interest. Not only indoor, but outdoor activities are part of our outreach, and we represent ourselves at various exhibitions and festivals, in which we provide the same useful content to students, while adopting to the given environment. Not only participating, but organising some festivals and events are a vital component of the Centre’s operation.


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