Additional programs

Career orientation and life-stlye training

Trainings are for students between the age of 13-18
Each training lasts for 4 hours

Courses for grade 7-8 in elementary school:

- Exploration of realistic aim, criteria of success, development of communication ability of positive approach, efficient presentation
- Work values, establishment of personal work values, basic assertive communication, success&failure
- Self-awareness, self-motivation, self-complexity, effective self-impression

Courses for grade 11-13 in secondary school

- Enhancing self-awareness, developing emotional competence, understanding competencies, discovering work-related motivations, professions
- Developing a realistic self-image, developing cooperation skills, focusing on positives, improvement of self-presentation skills, acceptance of criticism, self-criticism, increasing planning skills, strengthening the skill of self-motivation
- Developing communication style, practicing self-management and assertiveness, measuring self-complexity, evaluating success and failure, developing skills to analyses of career path
- Formal closing of learning stage, job search, online and face-to-face self-presentation, wide range of occupational opportunities, nuances of carrier choice, career modification, career path consciousness

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 ‘Understanding the European Union’ trainings

- Our European Union-theme based trainings provide an encompassing overview about the workings, operations and functions of the EU. Within it, those participating in the trainings, will learn about the EU’s history, the significance and process of its formation, and how the various institutions and policy making agencies are forming the ways in which the EU stands today.
Furthermore, students will get the chance to gain an understanding of the EU’S economy: how the common currency, Euro, came about; how the new market economy operates and its influences on society; and how trans-national movements and foreign employment shapes the EU.

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FinLit Edu Programs

Content of our FinLit Edu programs

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Mobile Training

FinLit Edu program go to school!

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FinLit content for English language teaching

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Using robotics for FinLit Education

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Financial Minutes

Short clips: learn financial literacy in a minute!

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Career program

Development of 21st century competences and self-awareness, preparation for adult life

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EU Trainings

Raising awareness about the EU

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