Finlit Edu program

Our education program is focusing on students between the age of 8 and 18.

Currently, for primary school students, up to grade 4 (age 10), each lesson is 2 hours long, all other lessons last for 4 hours.

The learning goal is to enhance the financial culture of young people to be prepared for safe and responsible money management in their everyday life.

Our curriculum is divided into three main areas: grade based, thematic-based and outdoor/practical.

The curriculum of grade based training sessions consists of teaching basic financial and economic concepts and financial self-management skills and it covers 184 topics.

The curriculum of thematic based training increases the knowledge in entrepreneurship, presenting the connection of finance, economic management and everyday life experience of individuals through popular topics like Business&Sport, Business&Media, Academy for Student Entrepreneurs, to mention a few.

The curriculum of outdoor/practical training presents an experience based financial literacy training through visits in Bank Office, Football Stadium, Zoo, Shopping Centre amongst others.”

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FinLit Edu Programs

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