Finlit for english courses

Even though our primary focus at FL Education Centre is to provide a well based financial understanding of the world for the next generation, we do not strictly concern ourselves with the teaching of financial literacy.

We also tap into various areas, through which our unique teaching method and educational mission can be fully realised. Our trainers come from various fields of expertise, each of them bringing their unique talent into our education, and widens the learning spectrum. As a result, we have created English language modules, which provide basic language courses for students between the age of 7 and 10 and 14 and 18, with the incorporation of financial themes and concepts. The modules help to enhance financial awareness and develop students’ future consciousness, while improving their English language skills. For the younger students the course centres around three major concepts of cash, debit card and bank notes, while for the older ones it revolves around the idea of career choices required for informed career planning, and will gain insight into the world of work.


FinLit Edu Programs

Content of our FinLit Edu programs

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Mobile Training

FinLit Edu program go to school!

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FinLit content for English language teaching

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Using robotics for FinLit Education

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Financial Minutes

Short clips: learn financial literacy in a minute!

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Career program

Development of 21st century competences and self-awareness, preparation for adult life

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EU Trainings

Raising awareness about the EU

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